May 31st, 2020


Dir en grey concert pictures

Hi everybody,

I know, I've been absent for decades, but I'm lurking in the shadows, still. However, my reason for making an entry is that somebody asked for mine and oemmelchen's Dir en grey concert pictures.
So since MU isn't with us anymore and all the uploadsa are gone, I decided to open a folder on my 4shared account for public. I will slowly upload all the Diru pics we've made throughout the years there.

The pictures aren't watermarked nor cropped and as pristine as they come. I didn't delete all the blurry ones, so you have to see for yourself what you want to keep and what not.

Rules: If you download these, you agree NOT to benefit of them in any way (no making money with those!) nor are you to claim the pictures as yours. Other than that, there are no rules. Crediting is nice, but not necessary. Enjoy!

Here's the link:

Dir en Grey concerts