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Pictures Prague and Warsaw 2009

Hello dears!
We're back from a long, adventurous and unique Dir en grey tour. I will post a short summary later for whoever's interested, but I dig that you guys would love to have the pictures we took at the shows first, right?
So, there's some first row Prague (yes, I touched ass!) and first row Warsaw. I didn't resize nor worked with the pictures in any ways and give them to you just as they are; no watermarks, no whatever. This post isn't friends-locked, so feel free to grab, make icons or whatever you want. Please just don't pretend those are your pictures.
I am so so sorry that there aren't many good Kaoru ones. You know I love him, but he just stands there in the shadows and doesn't move much. I guess the old man's afraid one can see his wrinkles on pictures.
But to all of you out there, here are some :

Kyo pics dl Mediafire: Kyo

Kao pics dl Mediafire: Kaoru

Die pics download Mediafire: DieDieDieDieDie

Toshiya pics dl Mediafire: Toshiya

All pictures: Die,Tosh,Kyo,Kaoru

Check out the journal of oemmelchen every once in a while. She has some awesome pictures too and will share them not friendslocked as well (since we're both just that good). It only takes some more time for her to upload them (and the vids she took), so just check it out every once in a while!

And dears, I touched Die's ass!!!! I touched his hair, I touched his sweaty arms, tommy, thigh, shoes, hell, I could've grabbed his crotch but even I have a sense of decency!

Sorry that some pics are blurry, especially the Warsaw ones, but the crowd was nuts and they had so much fog on stage that it always distracted the camera, those bastards! But did I mention, I touched ASS!!!

Okay, I'm off now :D
Tags: concert, fangirl, pictures
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