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[I am the spirit that ever denies]
Paypal gives 1€ for each 2€ that you donate 
17th-Mar-2011 08:09 am
Die smile
Okay, I am not sure if this is just a German thing, but check this out...

Are you familiar with "Groupon"?(all you germans). It's based on the principal of "quantity discount". Usually, you get something in your city a lot cheaper like having a luxury dinner in a certain restaurant or a wellness day in a spa. Anyhow, the day before yesterday they had the action "Donate 2€ and we give 4€ to the Japanese Red Cross". 
Today it's Paypal that'll give 1€ extra for each 2€ that are donated. So if you feel like doing something good, maybe that would be a nice way to raise money too?

paypal action help japan

If you are interested in this, go here

I know, many asked to give money and usually it's not my style to do so too but I think at the moment it's the only thing one can do really. 

Lady Gaga (I hate her!) has this action where she sells these rubber wrist-bands for Japan and I even thought it'd be nice to buy two and give some money extra (you can decide how much you pay for those really), but the postage she wanted for two rubber wristbands was so much that I decided against it and will now rather pay the money to this PayPal action here...

On a siden-note: Fever got worse and I feel bad.
17th-Mar-2011 10:32 am (UTC)
Thanks for the hint! I already made two donations to the German Red Cross (who hand it over to the Japanese Red Cross, as far as I know) and as weird as it sounds, I think it's enough for now. XD I've never really donated before either and even if I had, I wouldn't have given as much as I have now, but fuck it... it's Japan.

And I wouldn't get these Lady Gaga wrist-bands either... mainly because they say (I think) "Pray for Japan" and that is too Christian a saying for me. :P And also because, yeah... you can just donate without wearing ugly wrist-bands... *is being mean today* XD

Uuuuuuhhhhh and dear, take care T___________T Do something nice for yourself (as far as it's possible... like, I dunno, watching a movie or so... something that doesn't afford much effort XD).
17th-Mar-2011 01:28 pm (UTC)
I just thought this is a cool way to donate and put a bit extra on it XD I donated before, I donated also for the tsunami-victims in Thailand back then, for Haiti and Katrina (or how they spelled it). Never much but always something. I think if every German gave 1EUR, it would make a huge sum too, right? So it's the thought that counts. Though -of course- I gave more than one EUR *laughs*
And hey, enough is enough, that's so true. I don't think anybody has to feel bad here.

Heh, I always get up early in the morning (when the fever is high and I can't sleep anymore), slam down on the couch and watch Malcolm in the middle and scrubs, then eat, go back to bed and sleep, walk the dogs, am exhausted from it and watch some more TV before eating again... It's not like I'm dying, but I really haven't felt this bad in ages and i fear it's rather becoming a 2 week off than only 1 week.
17th-Mar-2011 01:39 pm (UTC)
It is a great thing. And yeah, if every German donated... mhm. Well, I guess people here care more about the nuclear power plants. In Germany. -____-; Oh well.

That all sounds good except for the walking the dogs bit. o___o Is there no one who can do it for you? I mean... come on, you're ill!!!! You shouldn't do anything exhausting at all! ;_____; But well, the way this sounds, two weeks off really seem the most sensible option...
(Deleted comment)
17th-Mar-2011 01:30 pm (UTC)
Ich hab vorher auch an das Rote Kreuz was gespendet, dann an diese "Spende 2 und wir tun 2 drauf" aktion (weil das einach zu verlockend war) und vielleicht überrede ich Nicole heute auch mal was rauszutun für diese Aktion hier. Ist doch ganz toll, man kann mehr geben als man tatsächlich spendet...
Hase, mach dich jetzt nicht komplett blank. Das is tauch nicht gut. Du musst ja auch noch leben.

Meh, ich fühl mich kacke und bin heute wohl auch echt weinerlich. Haha, was glaubst du, wie viel ich schlafe. Zwischendrin gehe ich auf die Couch damit mein schwitziges Bett lüften kann und weil ich nicht schlafen kann...
9th-Apr-2011 01:23 pm (UTC)
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14th-Apr-2011 03:40 pm (UTC)
Very happy I found your site. Will note it and return for more info.

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