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The boys are back in town...

Hey Dears!!! I'm still not back with my report about the shows we saw. That needs some time... BUT, I bring you some really nice and gorgeous pictures from the Méra Luna festival in Hildesheim.

The following pictures are the ones of oemmelchen and me combined together. And beware, they are huge! That's why it took me ages to upload them. oemmelchen will post them in her journal too, so don't download them twice, they are the same as here.

This entry is not friends-locked so that everybody who wants them can download the Diru-goodness (sorry for all the Shin-fans, but there really are not many pics of him). Feel free to use the pictures as you wish, upload them for your friends and share them.

It would be nice if you comment when you take, but it's not a necessity. Please be so kind though not to use my upload links without asking in advance. Like I said, it took me ages.

I don't believe in watermarks and all that mumbo-jumbo and I hope you know how to appreciate it. We just got so many nice pics from many nice people, so that we decided to upload all of ours without restrictions.

Beware, the files are huge and so are the pictures! Some are a bit blurred, but there are some really gorgeous shots amongst them (Did I mention that I love my and Oemmelchen's camera?). Just delete the ones you don't want to keep^^

Here's some examples (which are made smaller of course):

=> MU link to 203 Die pics: Die Méra Luna 07

=> MU link to 159 Kao pics: Kaoru Méra Luna 07

=> MU link to 159 Toshiya pics: Toshiya Méra Luna 07

=> MU link to 213 Kyo pics: Kyo Méra Luna 07

=> MU link to 100-something group/Shinya pics: Group & Shinya Méra Luna 07

And yes, in case you haven't noticed, I have a slight DiexKao obsession x)

Ps: To everybody whom it concerns: "Spyer Die... Spyder Die"
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